In today’s article (What is Computer Basic & Higher information), I will tell you about computer’s basic to highter information, as well as I will tell you about coding in the next article and will tell you basic about HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT As you know, How technology is moving forward, and in such a situation, any computer would like to learn. This will be the first article about computer and I will definitely put a post in about a week, so keep visiting it always.

What is computer?

You must have learned in different ways what is a computer? But today I will tell about computer with easy and complete information, computer is an electronic device that collects data and converts it into information and gives it to the user. Developing anything is incomplete without the use of computer. The computer is a worldwide device that is used almost everywhere, from homes, hospitals, business situations, railways, and scientific research.

Definition of Computer

A computer is an automated electronic device whose main function is to perform calculations first. Computer is derived from the Latin language “compute”. Which is called computer in Hindi. The computer performs the task of receiving, storing and processing data.

Note:- Computer collects data and converts it into information which can be easily understood. And how the computer collects the data, the data in the computer is sent through the input device (keyboard, mouse…). Which the CPU, the main part of the computer, collects that data and processes that data and gives it to the output. Now let’s talk about the main part of the computer.

The Main Parts Of Computer

The Main Parts Of Computer
The Main Parts Of Computer

What is data?

All numbers, letters and figures fed into the computer by the input device are called data. When we press any word or letter through our keyboard or mouse, it gives data in numbers, letters and figures.

What is information in Computer?

Information is a meaningful data which is called information, The data that the computer receives through input devices is in binary or machine (0-1) language, which the computer understands and examines or processes, and after processing that data, passes it on to an output device. That output device makes it understandable to the users and shows it on its screen or in the form of a copy. This data is called information.

Full Form of Computer

  • C – Common – General
  • O – Opterator – Drive
  • M – Machine – Machine
  • P – Particular
  • U – Use
  • T – Trade – Business
  • E – Education – Education
  • R – Reaserch – Search

How Computer Works?

Before learning computer it is very important to know what is computer system and how it works. Computers make a system by connecting the main hardware and software of the computer together. The main part of the computer is the CPU in which the data is stored. Now let’s talk about how the computer works.

Input unit is called keyboard, mouse, when any data is given to the CPU for processing by pressing their buttons, then that action is called input. The CPU receives and processes the input data. After processing, it gives the data to the output (monitor, printer). The output converts the data given by the CPU into a language that is understandable to the user and displays it on the screen. All these processes are called IPO cycles and coordinate with each other to form a computer system.

basic software of computer (microsoft Office)

In the next post, you will get to know about all these software, you will be given information from basic to higher education.

  • Ms office
  • Ms word
  • ms excel
  • Ms paint
  • Notepad
basic software of computer, What is Computer Basic & Higher information in 2023
basic software of computer

Note:- In the next article, I will tell you about all these software.

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